Sunday, November 1, 2015

Command Combat WILL be finished

As anyone who has followed Command Combat: Civil War will know, I am WAY behind on releasing elements to the game.  First the 1864 expansion was supposed to come out during its 150th anniversary; that would be last year.  I also intended on having the battle pack for that year, The Wilderness, come out during its anniversary.  Then the 1865 compilation of all the expansions was supposed to come out on the anniversary of Lee’s surrender to Grant.

None of these things have happened… yet.  The main reason for this is because I’m wanting 1864 to have campaign rules in it, but I want those rules to have an option to find the results of battles and skirmishes without having to play them out.  That is supposed to be the intention of the game, to tie miniature battles together, but I want people to be able to skip the small and unimportant ones.  This means creating almost an entirely new game.

When you mix this with what was already happening in my professional life, it meant the game had to take a major backseat.  What was happening was that I was discovering how little money is made in miniature gaming, especially when it’s a niche market like the Civil War.  It’s not like I’m trying to be greedy or anything, but I’m trying to build a business, and what I was making from 1861, ’62, and ’63 wasn’t even enough to buy food let alone pay rent; and the amount of time put into them took away from endeavors that do.  And so I had to become realistic fast.

This didn’t mean I gave up on the project, it just meant I had to put it on the backburner and work on it while I had time.  I’m now ashamed at how much time that has taken, especially since some fans have held on for so long.  So I’m making certain it will come out soon.  So here is the schedule of release:

1864 expansion – November, 2015
1865 compilation – Second quarter, 2016
Battle of the Wilderness battle pack – Third quarter, 2016

I will be trying to get a navy game out as well, and perhaps another battle pack, but no more promises from now on.

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