Thursday, May 31, 2012

Command Combat: Civil War Nominated for Best Historic Miniatures Game

Command Combat: Civil War has been nominated for best historical miniatures game by the Origins Awards!  This is actually fairly old news, as it was nominated at GAMA in Las Vegas, Nevada.  However, this weekend is the weekend when the fate will be decided, whether it will win the coveted award or not.  It's being looked at and scrutinized at the Origins Game Fair along with the other nominees.

To be completely honest, I don't expect to win.  Despite the huge pride I have in the game, and the fact that I think it's the best system for the Civil War, the others that are nominated are by major companies with many employees, writers, artists, historians, etc.  One of them is one of my all time favorites, Flames of War: Casino.  This is an absolutely amazing miniatures expansion.  The others are games I've been very impressed by as well.

So to be nominated alongside these wonderful games is a huge honor.  This may sound like BS, but to me, I've already won just after being nominated.

Here's the link to the nominations:

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